At Five Columns, we believe every day is a reason to celebrate! Throughout the year, we hold special events to really spice things up.  Here is what we currently have going on:

Monthly Dinner Special

Lamb Chops & Grilled Prawns

Join us for dinner and enjoy this delicious combination plate!

Your meal begins with some of our warm garlic bread and a Greek salad loaded with feta cheese and fresh vegetables and our homemade vinaigrette dressing. 

For the main course, you will enjoy 2 lamb chops and a skewer of 3 prawns, right off our grill! The lamb and prawns are charbroiled and then topped with our signature Greek lemon sauce to add to the wonderful grilled flavors. Served alongside your choice of rice pilaf or potatoes. 


Suggested Wine: Okto White Wine

Kali Orexi!

Sparkling Sundays!

Mimosas with breakfast now available on Sundays! No better way to start off your day! OPA! We open at 8am on Sundays!

Greek Happy Hour

3pm - 6pm

Tuesday - Sunday 

Cool down with something fun and refreshing from our bar, and a delicious snack from our kitchen. 

summer drinks (Mobile).JPG

Support Officer Community Care Fundraiser Report

We broke records this year and we had a lot of fun doing it!!!

This year's annual fundraiser for Support Officers was on October 10th, and we raised just over $10,000 in one night!!!

All the proceeds will go directly back into our community to help families dealing with loss. To see pictures of this fun night, go to our facebook page at:

socc20164 (Mobile).JPG

socc20166 (Mobile).JPG

socc20168 (Mobile).JPG