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Exterior Photos

verns pic small (498x199).jpg

   front (Small).JPG   signs.JPG

The Front of the Restaurant from Samish Way

front doors (Small).JPG  Front Doors


Inside the Restaurant

ficus1 (Small).JPG Our beautiful Ficus tree

ficus2 (Small).JPG   daytime (Small).JPG

The Ficus in the center of the restaurant (evening & day)

  daytime2 (Small).JPG  ficus shadows (Small).JPG


banquet area (Small).JPG  banquet2 (Small).JPG

Our banquet area for special parties and group gatherings

columns1 (Small).JPG A view of 4 of the columns

columns2 (Small).JPG 

The columns at night with our blue luminous lights over head

columns3 (Small).JPG

ficus upclose (Small).JPG The Ficus at night in the skylight