Customer Testimonials

Got a comment to make about our food or service? Send it to us! Here's what others are saying:

“A few weeks ago I discovered the 5 Columns. I believe it is the BEST KEPT secret in Whatcom County. I entertained several corporate clients from New York. They said it was the Best food they had ever had. I agree and reasonably priced.”
—Larry Wieber, ACB Boats
“I agree with the President of ACB Co. This place is best kept secret of Bellingham. I always recommend your place.”
—Ken Schims
“The food is always excellent and the service is very friendly. 5 Columns is a favorite of ours in Bellingham.”
—Shannon Wilcox
“Greek Ribs! Service is prompt and food fantastic. I'm not even Greek!”
“High quality of ingredients. Fresh. Great salad. The prawns were perfect. We'll be back!”
—Bonnie Barker
“Service was great. Excellent quality food. Fabulous flavor to food. Great ambience. ”
—Jennifer & David Baker
“Your house salad dressing was excellent. Lamb chops and the scallop dish were very good. Service was also nice! Good job!”
—Darlene Stonedahl
“The service was most excellent and the food exquisitely stupendous.”
—Chris Connell
“We recommend y'all frequently because this is our favorite restaurant and has been since we moved here 5 years ago.”
—Eric & Christina Lehmann
“Very friendly and prompt service. It was a lovely experience and I am pleasantly full!”
—Alyssa Gehman
“I liked the quality of the food, much detail, very elegant setting of restaurant. Very satisfied. We'll definitely recommend this restaurant and be back.”
—Gaspar Valdez
“Ribs and dolmades special is our favorite. Salad dressing and bread. Everything.”
—Teresa Perret
“Service is very friendly and knowledgeable. Food is wonderful.”
—Julian Yaeger
“The food was delicious!”
—Nick Delauder
“The service was excellent. The atmosphere, service and everything was perfect.”
—Jessica Pham
“Best food in town!!”
—Mike & Pamela Danielsen
“Everything was great! The Ribs! The Service! The Spanakopita!”
—Charles Matthews & Emily Fix
“The food is wonderful. Thanks so much!”
—Joe & Lana
“I liked the tzatziki sauce a lot, it was all good.”
—Hunter Buck
“Best lamb chops of my life, no kidding! And I've had a few.”
—Rich Meell
“How well our server pronounced the menu to us was amazing!!!”
—Mike Skoor
“Good service, good atmosphere, good beer. I love the snake plants!”
—Catherine Palzer
“Friendly staff and excellent food.”
—Barry & Judy Buchanan
“I liked the lighting & the excellent food. Also, the tree in the middle of the restaurant.”
—Addy Clapp
“Everything was great. I liked how the Greek Platter for two came in different courses, we didn't have to wait a long time for it to all come at once.”
—Jeri Lee
“You're the best. It's a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.”
—John Manos
“The service was great. Food presentation was great. Staff/waiters/waitresses were great!”
—Barrie Fellows
“Excellent service! No rushing-you allow us to enjoy the food, conversation and wine. The food was wonderful!”
—Daniel Miller
“Your service and food is outstanding!”
—Mark Hoyos
“Great service! Love your steaks. Love the Hot & Cold Pikilia!”
—Debra & Doug Lancaster
“This food feels authentic-not contrived to seem "Greek." What once was an 'occassion' food is now a staple for us. We gotta have it. Service is great!!”
—Rob & Sandy Buckelew
“Friendly staff and consistantly amazing food.”
—Alice Crowley
“Great food selection!”
—Amy Arms
“The food was very tasty. Terrific experience, new favorite restaurant!”
—Russell Roberts
“Service was excellent!”
—Cody Cole
“Nice atmosphere, good wine and service.”
—Pete & Linda Chorney
“Great waitress! Great sole fish!”
—Patricia & Guy
“Service was very good and food was prompt.”
—Shawnti Rockwell
“Food and service was A++!”
—Brittney Leonard
“I love everything about you all. It is a place where I enjoy coming with family and friends. I'm always greeted as if we are family. Service is fantastic!”
—Tray Jorgeson
“The service was great and food was fantastic. We're coming back tomorrow!”
—Brandy Collins
“Friendly staff, meeting the owner, great atmosphere, good music-an easy place to come and enjoy the evening. Excellent food of course.”
—Katrin & Jesse Smith
“Our waiter was very nice! We need more people like that in our world.”
—David & Sarah Hunter
“Love the food and the service.”
—Rob Horgen
“Great meal. Thanks!”
—Astrid Newell
“Waitress was very good. Nice owner to come talk to us.”
—Linda & Ron Francis
“Fabulous food. Great atmosphere and music.”
—Mel Inui
“It's always been my favorite choice when going out for dinner in Bellingham. Many thanks!”
—Olivia Fox
“Everything is perfect!!! Pleasant personnel and great food.”
—Lynda Brillowsky
“Service was excellent. You do a very good job on preparing the food. Food not only looks good but also tastes good.”
—Mary Solomon
“By far the best service I've experienced since I've moved to Bellingham.”
—Mathew Phillips
“Very good service, excellent food.”
—Becky Kummer
“Everything was really delicious!”
—Jeff & Mickey Berg
“Your service is wonderful!!”
—Jessica Icay
“Food and service are very nice. Quiet, relaxing atmosphere.”
—Marilyn McBeath
“Excellent service and food.”
—Kathleen Lathom
“Great food and service.”
—Tiffani Brannian
“Great service, great food!”
—Lucas Verver
“I liked the low key atmosphere accompanied by delicious food.”
—Lindsey Shiers
“The food was delicious and the service was amazing! I would definitely come back and definitely recommend it to others! Everthing was wonderful!!!”
—Mary Gunn
“The service was amazing. The food took it to another level all together.”
—Travis Jordan
“#1 The Food #2 The excellent service #3 The relaxed atmosphere #4 The decor and clean appearance.”
—Kelly Davenport
“Our server was very pleasant. The food was very good.”
—Chad Gale
“The hummus and the baked spaghetti were really yummy. Nice atmosphere also.”
—Saskia Comess
“Delicious food, good service, nice atmosphere.”
—Lisa Lorenzo
“Friendly, relaxed atmosphere...great that owners take time to chat with customers.”
—Barrat Scott
“We've been enjoying your restaurant for over 20 years when we've been visitng here. Wonderful food. The friendly staff, the decor and of course the food.”
—Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Johnston
“Our evening was great from the minute we walked thru the door. The staff was pleasant-great service. Our food was wonderful. Just a great experience.”
—Keith Lovely
“The food was 5 star, the service from our waiter was excellent! We love coming to eat here!”
—Nora Lewis
“You have the best hashbrowns in town. Everything is wonderful!”
—Colleen & Bob Sutliff
“I loved the service.”
—Thomas Hinz
“The food is excellent as is the service!”
—Louis Lallas
“Good food, calm quiet for dining! Polite and attentive waitpersons.”
—Gayle & Ken Feller
“Our service was beyond compare as it always is! We always feel friends!”
—Dan & Sue Moore
“The sole was great. Service was excellent. Music was very pleasing and authentic.”
—Greg Mashburn
“Very nice atmosphere. You have excellent meals at a very reasonable price. Keep up the good work!”
—Clare & Jerry Kelly
“Greek Salad-Awesome! Dolmades to die for!”
—Chris & Kari Glennon
“Great food, great service.”
—Dennis & Janel Maurer
“Excellent food and fast, friendly service.”
—Donna Seifert
“Friendly service, every food dish is great.”
—Mehmet Akkoe
“Service was great! Very clean restaurant. Food was wonderful! Really super!!”
—Donna Gunn
“Really good service, friendly staff.”
—Mari & Bradley Walker
“The family oriented style and friendliness. The food is always wonderful and very tasty, the Best Greek food around!”
—Darlene Carlson
“Great meals - friendly courteous family atmosphere makes you feel welcome.”
—Dusty Graham
“The atmosphere was very welcoming and comfortable. The food was obviously prepared with much attention to quality. A thoroughly enjoyable experience. A place one wants to linger.”
—James Parrott
“The staff was very friendly and worked hard to accommodate our dietary restrictions. The food was wonderful; our whole family enjoyed the flaming cheese.”
—Heather Thorne
“We loved the food. Everything was delicious. Thank you!”
—Geri Forsberg
“We like it that the restaurant is a family business and that the food is always good and reasonable. ”
—Paul & Ann Hanson
“The atmosphere is nice. The music is pleasant to listen to. The food and service is good. That's why we come!”
—Gilbert & Victoria Gunderson
“I loved the chicken and shrimp skewers. So juicy and far the best shrimp I've tried.”
—Dina Desiatnikov
“The food is always consistently delicious and service is quick and very polite. Food is always hot.”
—Donnie Stockton
“Tonight's special of Lamb Shanks was fabulous! Belly dancing was very special. Please do again! ”
—Alesia Altman
“Gorgeous presentation. Calming atmosphere and very attentive service. Incredible flavors and huge portions!”
—Sarah Ogmundson
“Really nice server. Good food, reasonable price. We like coming here. Good Retsina”
—Robert Wagner, Jr
“The lamb shanks were superb.”
—Bob & Sheila Hayes
“Nice staff. Great appetizers & fantastic portions. We're stuffed!”
—Erika Crichton & Tom Stanley
“Food is very good, the service is excellent. I appreciate the beautiful atmosphere.”
—Sue Knowlton
“Quality of food & service were outstanding! First time here, but will be back!”
—Fred Fuhrmeister
“Very pleased with the friendly staff and the very clean restaurant and the very good food. ”
—Bobbi Capozza
“We had a great dinner, great service and a really great time. Thank you.”
—Laura Foeung
“Our waiter was excellent. The belly dancer was a nice touch.”
—Pat Soll
“Service was great. I love your food and atmosphere and the service is always excellent.”
—Kathy Lefler
“Our server was excellent, the food was awesome and I don't know what you could do better.”
—Cheryl Tooker
“Pleasant, relaxing ambiance. The food won't disappoint. Prices are right!”
—Ray & Lynn Gobush
“The food tastes spectacular. The steak is the best in town - the wonderful Greek seasonings & the mushrooms on top were heavenly.”
—Jim & Fara Torbert
“I love the lamb souvlaki - it's fantastic! Service is outstanding! I also like the layout of the restaurant.”
—Evaan Dossa
“We would like to thank everyone at 5 Columns for a great evening during our father's surprise party. We wouldn't have done it without the help of Soula, Niki, Dini & Jim. Everyone enjoyed the fabulous dinner and wonderful friendly atmosphere. The service was fantastic, very attentive and the food plentiful and delicious. The big coup was having it be a surprise for our father - he is at 5 Columns everyday, it's his favorite restaurant!”
—Susan Ilvanakis